The Emerson Ruby Murder : The Death in tha Dales

The Emerson brooch with its Two-million-pound Ruby is put on the public display once a year at the annual soiree held by the lord and lady of a stately home on the Yorkshire Dales. The brooch is stolen in a deadly robbery and the company that insures it hires private detective Harry Stark to track down the schedule and to determine whether the robbery was real or staged. Stark finds that almost nothing he encounters in the investigation is what it seems to be and much of what is represented as fact is fiction.

The Levellers: A Classic Western Adventure (2019)

The Wild West of the late 1800s could be a lawless, cruel and unjust place for many of those who trekked there full of hope and dreams only to have them shattered by violence and thievery.


STARK (2016)

A killer hides behind the dazzle of blood-soaked gold as Detective Harry Stark seeks answers concealed by the glitter.


It is the heat of summer in downtown Toronto, and Homicide Detective Harry Stark is called in to investigate the murder of a jewel courier who was formerly a soldier in the Israeli army.


At the same time, a copycat murder of a young woman is being looked into by Stark’s lover, Carol. This whodunit provides a gritty, realistic picture of Toronto and its downtown and east-end denizens.



Young, successful men with unblemished reputations— each of them living a contented, “normal” life— are being murdered, one month apart.


The killings seem to be unconnected, but are they? Are there dark secrets in the dead men’s pasts?


Homicide Detective Harry Stark has to untangle the mystery of the links among these men in a case that takes him and his partner, Noel Harris, on a tortuous and deadly trip into the world of shadows.


Death and deception. This book is about the cutthroat world of the pharmaceutical industry, where being first on the market can mean billions in profit, and staying alone in the lead, billions more.


With corrupt officials and the Russian mob as partners, stakes get higher and methods more deadly. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Liam gets caught in a morass of drug-industry intrigue after a whirlwind marriage to Rebecca, who vanishes from sight.


Was she the victim of kidnapping, or is Liam the victim of a cruel and evil hoax?