When Cora Conn was very young A month or so ago

She did things very differently Than she does such things today

Because there is so much to know, She made mistakes along the way

She used to think she knew a lot, But she still had much to learn

Like how much ink will make a blot And why a rock won’t burn

Of course, she’d never been to sea Or piloted a plane

Or climbed McKiscoll’s apple tree Or watched a grape-juice stain

But time has passed as time will do And now she knows much more

Like how many thing are in a few And why you need a floor

And how to make a parrot squawk And Cora told me why

The squeaky noise you make with chalk Is fatal to a fly

The world is filled with facts like that At least so Cora said,

Like why a table top is flat And your mouth is in your head

Cora knows the greatest stuff, A great deal more than I

Weird things that you can do with fluff And how to spot a spy

She knows a lot, I’d have to say And she’s learning more and more

And she said she’d show me how today To make a gerbil roar

I’m glad that Cora is my friend She’s taught me quite a bit

Like why the start’s before the end And why a snail can’t spit

Cora knows the things they don’t Teach you much in school

She says the reason that they won’t Is just some silly rule

Cora cannot print too well Or multiply by threes

And she sure as heck can’t spell Or say her ABCs

But all of the important things, That’s what Cora knows

Like why a butterfly has wings And how to curl your toes

We see each other every day And talk of this and that

I hope we’ll always be this way I hope we’ll always chat

I hope that things will never change With Cora Conn and I

And when I find a thing that’s strange She’ll always tell me why


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