Elephants, Elephants, Everywhere

Elephants, elephants everywhere They’re in my soup; they’re in my hair

Few things you’ll find a bigger pain Than an elephant stuck in the toilet drain

And they make real loud, annoying clunks Opening cookie jars with their trunks

Nothing makes my mother mutter Like elephant tracks in the peanut butter

They’re not bad people, more or less, But elephants always make a mess

The other day I gave a roar, One had been inside my drawer

I saw it all in an instant’s glance He’d wrinkled all my dress-up pants

I explained what happened to my mother, But she always listens to my brother

He wouldn’t know an elephant if he saw one For Pete’s sake, he couldn’t even draw one

So why ask him? is what I said, But my mother sent me off to bed

Of course there wasn’t room in there, An elephant leaves no space to spare

So I watched TV with the sound real low So the sleeping elephant wouldn’t know

He might get up and stomp around, And mom would think I’d made the sound


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