Howard Coward

Howard Coward, the astronaut, Didn’t like his name a lot

To overcome its timid trace He took a job in outer space

When asked to offer up his views on Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion,

Howard said he had no fear Of this or that thing nuclear

As gab was what he had the gift of He’d chat his way through every liftoff

And allow as how he was quite bored As the G-force grew and the rockets roared

He’d say: “It’s all the same to me Whether we have or don’t have gravity.

And what goes up will soon come down In this or in some other part of town.”

At every opportunity Howard showed how brave was he

At every chance to volunteer He’d demonstrate he had no fear.

But that all ended sadly when he Volunteered just once too many

And zooming on a rocket sled Poor Howard Coward lost his head

A wise man this assessment gave “Poor Howard proved that he was brave

But it would have been much better, chum, If Howard had been Howard Dumb.”


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