My Friend The Egg

Know why eggs Don’t come with legs?

Cause they might slip and trip like that And fall down hard with a great big splat

Of course, because they’re sort of round, They’re good at rolling on the ground

If someone helps them with a shove, Gently, though, and with a glove,

In case they want to ramble To duck out on a messy scramble.

An egg with any sense of pride Would simply rather not be fried.

At least that’s what an egg told me. Fried’s not what it’s cracked up to be

I had an egg for lunch one day But he didn’t have too much to say.

He just sat there in his place With a blank expression on his face.

Eggs are lousy at climbing trees I think it’s ‘cause they have no knees.

As a pet, eggs are not so great All they do is sit and wait

But as roommates, they’re tough to beat, They’re really quiet and exceptionally neat.

But eggs are simply terrible at sports And they look quite silly wearing shorts.

I played ball with the one I had for lunch He missed it and I heard a crunch.

I tried my very best to coach him, Now I guess I’ll have to poach him.


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