Sometimes when it’s raining I like to watch the rain

Run along the pathway And drop into the drain.

I wonder where it goes to And what it’s going to see

When it pours into that drainpipe And runs away from me.

Once I got real tiny No bigger than a flea,

And hopped upon a raindrop And rode down to the sea.

I rode it through the sewer But I had to hold my nose

Because you know a sewer Smells nothing like a rose

We zoomed into a river Beneath a bright blue sky

And bounced along that river My raindrop chum and I.

We rode that rocky river And then we took a break

From the rapids and the whirpools To cruise across a lake.

And because we were quite lucky, Me and my raindrop pal,

We passed the giant lock doors, And floated down the canal.

We had to watch for big ships And even small boats, too,

We almost got swamped by an ocean liner When it went whooshing through.

And when the voyage ended And the sea at last we reached

I rode the raindrop on a wave And got off on the beach.

And being tiny as a flea Not much bigger than a speck

I waited for a seagull to pass And jumped on to its neck.

By luck, I picked a seagull That really liked to roam

And in one of his travels He dropped me back at home.


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