Rock Things

Don’t look under a rock, that’s my advice That’s where they live, and they’re not very nice.

There are things that hide in the under-rock spaces; They’re slimy and crawly, with butt-ugly faces

They’re always real hungry for something good to eat And a fat, juicy kid, for them, is an extra-special treat


It’s no fun to live like that, ’cause rocks aren’t very light, So when the Rock Things get a chance, they crawl outside at night.

But only when it’s very late and when there is no moon And you know when there’s one around ’cause he’ll sing a little tune.

It’s a pretty little ditty, but one you shouldn’t hear ’Cause if you ever hear it, it means a rock thing’s near.

It’s a pretty little ditty, but one you ought to miss Just so you recognize it, it goes something close to this:

Kid, kid, I smell me a kid, I smell kid with my nose, And if the kid comes close, I’ll grab kid by the toes

A nice fat, juicy one is nice, but even one that’s thinner Will do me very well, indeed; I’ll have kid for my dinner.

Of course it means the end for both — kid and rock thing, too ’Cause when a Rock Thing eats a kid, his rock-thing days are through.

And after it consumes a kid, a Rock Thing To live beneath a rock like that, you’ve got to be quite flat,getsreal fat,

Like a sort of giant sausage, and a sausage cannot run And that’s it for the Rock Thing, which can’t live in the sun.

That knowledge may reassure a few with a vengeful inclination That being a Rock Thing’s snack will mean the Rock Thing’s termination.

As for me, I would prefer a different type of tactic Stuffing a ravenous Rock Thing with yourself is slightly sort of drastic.

I think if you follow my recommendation you’re not likely to go wrong If you run real fast the other way if you hear the rock thing’s song.

And my other tip’s a sound one: it’s leave those rocks alone But if you must, at the very least flip nothing but a stone.

Let sleeping Rock Things lie is the best of my advice ’Cause as I told you earlier, those Rock Things are not nice.

Of course if there’s a kid you do not like, one with a name like Grover, Tell him there are diamonds beneath the rock and let him flip it over.


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