Somewhere it’s a rule of thumb You must always chew on bubble gum.

Somewhere there’s a school of sorts Where all day long they play games and sports.

Somewhere it’s commendable To talk to folks when your mouth is full.

Somewhere where the rules are fair It’s against the law to wash your hair.

Somewhere there’s a kind of mother Who likes it when you hit your brother.

Somewhere vegetables aren’t permitted And massive spitballs may be spitted.

Somewhere kids are in command And no one has to raise his hand

To leave the room at any time; If you have to go, it’s not a crime.

Somewhere you can stay up late And never have to clean your plate.

Somewhere they’ll buy you any bike Not the cheaper one, but the one you like.

Somewhere I know you’ll find the place; Once or twice, I’ve seen a trace

Of a hint of an inkling of a clue That such a place as this is true.

I’m just afraid it will take so long To find it, and I hope I’m wrong,

That by the time the place has shown up I will already have gone and grown up.


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