Squiggly-Wiggly Worm

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A worm with a squiggly wiggle. Went out for an afternoon wriggle Through the green grass so deep Where a beetle asleep Was dreaming a dream with a giggle

The beetle woke up in a while And gave the young worm a big smile And said, “Hey pal, can you say Whether you know the way To the really, really big rock pile?

“I met a spider at the fair, And now I’m supposed to join him there. At the rocks to play a game or two Or more till the day is through But I’m afraid I don’t know where.”

The wiggly worm raised his head so proud And replied to the bug in a voice quite loud And carefully, precisely stated Where the rockpile could be located; “I’ll come along, too, if three’s not a crowd.”

So the two of them went off on their way On that beautiful sunny-bright day

They went this way and they went that Some parts were hilly and some parts were flat Sometimes they’d go, and sometimes they’d stay

For a while as they looked all around Up at the sky and down at the ground It was such a fine day, they wanted to see Everything there that was so fine and so free And listen to every amazing fine sound

When they finally got to just where they were going After lots and lots more of their to-ing and fro-ing The spider was already there waiting And with a ladybug, he was debating How to hang on when a big wind is blowing

Soon the new friends chose a game each to play And they played and they played for the rest of the day Now, the beetle could move at a very fast pace And she came easily first in every race; It was quite an impressive display

You won’t be surprised, I’d guess, when you find That the spider was second while the worm was resigned To something to him that was not at all new Something the fellow was really quite used to Which was always to lag far behind

Now the spider was good at catching a ball While the beetle had trouble avoiding a fall He just didn’t quite have the knack And kept tumbling onto his back The worm could catch but couldn’t throw at all

At hide and seek, the worm was just great ​And at his turn to choose, he hardly could wait To burrow way down under the ground ​While his two pals looked for him all around One on six legs and one who had eight

​And now the shadows were growing quite long And the new friends knew if they were not wrong ​That the time had come for them to depart And each felt a small kind of skip in the heart ​As the day began singing its sad goodbye song

But they promised to meet there the very next week ​For racing and catching and hide-and-go seek They all had a talent and they all did excel The worm could hide great and the spider caught well​ And the beetle like lightning could streak

But better than finding new games they could play ​Better than showing a person the way, Better than running or hiding or catching a ball Better than that and most important of all Each made two new friends on a sunny-bright day



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