The Jungle in the Backyard

Bill agreed when the sun goes down The jungle gets quite dark

And the animals make strange sounds But he said they never bark.

He said they’ll growl and grumble And some of them will roar

A few may howl or mumble But none has ever barked before.

Of course Bill’s sort of jungle is The ordinary kind

But the ordinary jungle is Not what I’ve in mind.

To find the kind that Billy meant, You have to travel far

And sleep each night inside a tent And drink juice from a jar.

You get to mine much quicker It’s just behind the fence,

Where the grass grows rather thicker And the bushes are quite dense.

You need to wear your running shoes But you do not need a tent along

You can run back home if want some juice Or if you have to use the John.

I go to my jungle each morning When the sun is warm and bright

But take this for a warning Stay out of there at night.

For that is when the beast is there And beasts, you know, can bite

All day, he hides inside his lair And comes outside at night.

Billy says there is no beast, He says it’s just a story

One day, he’ll have Bill for a feast And then Bill will be sorry.

’Cause I know the beast is real And comes out when it’s dark

I know for sure the beast is real ’Cause I have heard him bark


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