The Secret Place

Just behind the bushes Right beside the fence

Down low, close to the ground Where the branches are not dense

I found a place that I could crawl through To a spot where I could hide;

Only big enough for one High, but not too wide.

I found it quite by accident, While looking for a ball;

No one else knows it is there No one else at all

I go there to be secret I go there to be me;

I have a secret box in there That no one else can see.

I have a secret box in there That’s full of secret things

Like Valentines and special shells And my grandma’s sparkly rings.

I think it is a magic place Made for me alone;

For me to curl myself inside For me to call my own.

I think it is a magic place Where only I can be

I go there to be magic I go there to be me.


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