Yakety Yak

Homer never shut his mouth He talkedfromrise to rest,

He chattered north, and drawled to south He nattered east and mumbled west

​He talked so much nobody heard A thing he said all day

​No one caught a single word That Homer had to say

​Poor Homer spent his life like that I think it’s sad, don’t you?

​One time he went and bought cat To tell his troubles to.

​That seemed all right at first and yet After spending one long day

​Hearing Homer, that was it for the pet And the feline went astray

​One day young Homer lost his voice Because he had a cold

​That day he met a new group of kids Much nicer than the old

​But he could only nod or shake his head And smile, so in the end

​The kids heard all that Homer said And were glad he was their friend

​The moral I want to pass your way The jewel that here will glisten

​Is the fewer things you have to say The more that folks will listen.


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